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Basis Global entre en bourse

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Basis Global entre en bourse

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The second recommends a design change to the fuel quantity indicators, to ensure those for ATR 42 cannot be installed on ATR 72s. Italian airlines operating the turboprops are being told to conduct physical fuel-level checks of the ATR tanks. The FAA appears to have accepted unmanned aircraft into the world of civil and commercial flying by issuing the first-ever UAV experimental certificate for flight operations to General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for the agency's Altair.

This is a step on the way to obtaining an airworthiness certificate a type certificate. L'avion avait pris feu. FR has urged the U. The U. Le cockpit de l'A L'avionneur l'a notamment retenue pour produire le cockpit de l'A Le premier E-Jet de JetBlue devrait rentrer en service au mois de novembre.

TAP delivered a technical report on its choice of new airliners to the Public Works, Transport and Communications Ministry, the business daily reported on its Web site, citing a ministry spokesman. The As would replace the airline's four As and six As. The spokesman told Diario Economico the goal was for a final decision on the purchase by the end of the month.

Spokesmen for TAP and the ministry were not immediately available to comment. American denied the accusation in the lawsuit filed on September 6 in US District Court in Brooklyn, saying it had never compromised safety. The inspector, who was on the flight in November , reported he had observed the fuel leak and pointed it out to the flight crew, the Brooklyn US Attorney's office said.

But the airline took no action to remedy the problem and failed to record the inspector's report in maintenance logs as required by FAA regulations, according to the complaint. The aircraft went on to fly another 53 flights until a scheduled maintenance check, when the leak was discovered in the same place originally noted by the inspector, officials said.

But American disputed the complaint's version of events, saying a qualified mechanic was dispatched to check on the wing immediately after the aircraft landed, and found no evidence of a leak after a thorough check. The first will arrive at Bedek's facility at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport before the end of the year. Six or seven more will arrive next year, and the rest in Moscow: Aeroflot is negotiating with the Russian government to secure special terms for the acquisition of seven Airbus As to supplement its strong A fleet.

Aeroflot, however, is trying to trade its pending commitment to the Russian Regional Jet programme for, if not tax exemption, "then, at least, favourable tax terms", said Sergei Kharitonov, Aeroflot deputy general director. Washington, DC: Four years after the September 11 attacks, gaps still remain in the oversight of flight and cabin crew security training on commercial airlines despite recent improvements by homeland security officials, a report said.

The Government Accountability Office found that the Transportation Security Administration has yet to establish performance goals and lacks adequate internal controls for properly assessing training. Federal law requires that TSA monitor and periodically review airline training--which have been in place for 20 years--to ensure that crew members are prepared for potential threats. But the report found the agency lacks written procedures for reviewing training, assessing the quality of classroom instruction and ensuring that airlines are following up with their employees.

In addition, TSA developed an advanced but voluntary self-defence training programme in but has yet to establish performance measures or a time line for determining whether it is effective. The programme, available in 15 cities, has been poorly attended, partly because airline staff have had a difficult time getting three consecutive days off to attend, the GAO found.

Every commercial flight in the US has at least two flight crew members and one attendant on board. They are viewed as the last line of defence in any threat to the flight. Prior to the attacks, crews were trained to cooperate with threatening passengers or hijackers. Now, the security response assumes a hijacking could include a threat to damage or destroy the aircraft or use the aircraft as a weapon.

Among other things, crew must now be trained in how to recognise suspicious activity and determine the seriousness of threats, how to coordinate and communicate with each other in a threatening situation, and how to search for explosive devices.

A TSA spokeswoman said the agency has made "substantial progress" in reviewing both programmes. We've started working on those improvements," she said. Jack Real, a pioneer aviation engineer and adviser to Howard Hughes who helped develop helicopters for Lockheed, Hughes Aircraft and McDonnell Douglas, has died aged She said he suffered from Parkinson's disease and had been in nursing homes or hospitals since a fall nearly a year ago.

The design engineer worked for what is now Lockheed Martin Corp for more than 30 years, rising to vice president, and later served as president of both Hughes Helicopter Co and McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Co. In a statement, Nissen Davis, president of the Southern California Aeronautic Association, said that Mr Real's contributions and innovative designs helped pave the way for many aerospace developments: "He was a giant in our industry and will surely be missed.

Excerpt from report by Russian news agency Interfax Tallinn, 16 September: The General Headquarters of the Estonian Defence League has accused the Russian Air Force of violating flight regulations and posing a threat to civil aircraft.

The Estonian airspace control centre was monitoring the flight of an A long-range radar aircraft from to [presumably local time, gmt] and of Su and MiG aircraft through the Estonian flight information region. To fly over the region, the Russian aircraft had asked for a permit in advance and received it.

Thereby, the Russian military aircraft threatened the flight safety of civil aircraft in the Estonian flight information region," the statement said. As was previously reported, one of these aircraft, the Russian fighter Su, crashed in Lithuania on 15 September while performing a routine flight.

Levitin said that works on removing drawbacks in the aircraft are still under way. His comment followed an address to the government adopted by Russia's lower house of parliament State Duma on Wednesday. In the address, Duma called on the government to protect the interest of the domestic aircraft building industry.

Russian legislators cited concerns over the recent decision of the Federal Agency for Transport Oversight to ground Il planes. On August 22, the agency called for the grounding of Il planes, citing brake problems the aircraft model had. Various airlines that operated the Il planes said that they earlier had reported that the plane's engineering should be improved, but no action was taken by producers.

Under the deal, Garuda will operate 18 Boeing s by to replace its five s. It will also operate 10 Boeing Dreamliners by , the statement said. Garuda said the move to operate the Dreamliner is in line with the company's aim to modernize its fleet to make it more competitive and cost-efficient. The family will carry passengers on routes between 3, and 8, nautical miles 6, to 16, kilometers , Garuda said, without elaborating.

Boeing plans to debut the Dreamliner with a maiden flight scheduled for , with certification, delivery and entry into service in The carrier currently operates 57 Boeing aircraft of various models. Rear Adm Steve Enewold, F executive officer, said two more meetings were planned with the partners before year's end.

He said the goal was to finalise a new memorandum of understanding by mid for countries to take to their parliaments for ratification. That would allow the new agreement to take effect by December , he said. It will replace the current one, which covered just the aircraft's development phase. Enewold said the discussions were complex, especially since the partner nations--the UK, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Norway--were used to buying finished aircraft, as opposed to helping develop a new aircraft.

He said that he hoped that all eight partner countries would sign the memorandum of understanding, although he conceded there was some risk that one or two countries would opt out of the programme to develop a new, affordable multi-mission fighter. Enewold said that the new memorandum would cover complex issues such as which country would have priority access to spare parts in the event that two countries' fighters required repairs at the same time, and how to split future work on the fighter.

Overall, he said, the programme was progressing well ahead of a critical design review next February. Lockheed Martin programme manager Dan Crowley lauded a series of recent successes for the new fighter, including the first time the electrical power had been switched on for the first F Enewold said it was premature to predict the outcome of a major review by the Pentagon, which some defence officials have said could lead to hundreds of cuts in the number of jets to be bought by the US military.

Further cost-cutting measures and a multiyear deal could help lower the cost of the programme, they said. Lewis also raised the possibility of foreign sales of the advanced fighter to the US' closest allies, a move that may help to defray the cost of the programme. The Bush administration's proposed budget foresees capping production at aircraft, significantly below the fighters the Air Force said it needs to replace older fighters like the F, and below even the aircraft included in previous budget plans.

The Air Force is due to begin operations with the fighter, which has since been adapted to give it ground attack capability, this December, Lockheed and Lewis said. The analysis found adding the modern aircraft quickly will help cut costs in the longer run and provide improved capabilities, Weiss said. In both incidents, pilots knew they were being wrongly targeted but could not evade the missiles.

Lewis said some countries had asked about possible foreign sales, but such a decision would be up to Bush administration officials, and any sales would probably involve modifications to the aircraft for export purposes. Chicago, IL: Boeing has warned that it will have to decide as early as January whether to shut down production of its C transport aircraft if the US does not decide on additional orders soon.

The US Air Force's last order, for 60 of the workhorse cargo aircraft, would be enough to keep the assembly line in Long Beach, California going to mid, said C programme manager David Bowman. The shutdown would only happen in but because of long lead times on supplies, a decision must be made in January, he said.

Boeing is trying to keep the C alive as defence contractors face increased government reluctance to fund programmes amid soaring costs for funding operations in Iraq and now rebuilding the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina. The C, capable of landing on short dirt airfields, has played a key role in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, where it has delivered everything from M1 Abrams tanks to ration packages for refugees.

Boeing needs orders for at least seven of the aircraft to be included in the fiscal budget to avoid shutting the plant down, Bowman said. At stake are about half of the 6, jobs at the Long Beach factory. Major subcontractors on the programme include Goodrich Corp, which makes the aircraft's landing gear, and Vought Aircraft Industries.

Boeing, which has won orders for the aircraft from the UK and Canada, is also talking to several NATO members about buying the aircraft, but none of those orders would be big enough to keep the production line open. Several of those countries may be waiting to see if the US buys more of the aircraft, hoping economies of scale will cut the price per aircraft, he said. Chicago's Air and Water Show ended a few minutes early Sunday and without the ground-shaking maneuvers of a perennial crowd pleaser -- the U.

Air Force Thunderbirds. The squadron's performance was cut short Saturday when two F Fighting Falcons touched wingtips during a photo-op fly-by over North Avenue Beach. Sunday morning, the Thunderbirds scrapped their grand finale flight and put the rest of their summer tour on hold until Air Force investigators can determine what went wrong.

Mike Chandler, said. An incident like this requires us to take a deeper look at what happened. Once we're satisfied we've done that, we'll continue our season. Last accident in '99 At p. In combat situations, the missile rail would store ammunition. It landed in the middle of an aerobatic zone "safety box," away from boaters and people on the shore. The two pilots involved had logged at least 1, hours each in the F, but they were new to their formation positions this season.

Right winger Maj. Chris Callahan returned to the Thunderbirds this season after a two-year hiatus. And Maj. Steve Horton is in his first season flying in the slot position. The extent of damage and exactly what caused the collision were still unclear Sunday. Saturday's accident was the first for the Thunderbirds since , when two Fs collided taking off in diamond formation during a Florida air show. Chandler said the Thunderbird team was disappointed that the accident -- which didn't cause any injuries -- was still serious enough to temporarily keep them from buzzing Chicago airspace on a sunny afternoon.

Many folks craning their necks skyward Sunday shared the sentiment. It's totally disappointing," said John Solarte, who made the four-hour train ride here with eight pals from Downstate Macomb. It's unclear if future Thunderbirds shows, including next weekend's booking in Westfield, Mass. Lakefront still packed The Thunderbirds' untimely disappearance from the schedule here, however, didn't put a damper on attendance.

City officials said about 2. It's about multiple civilian and military acts. You get to see what a plane can really do. Around 30, people are expected to flock to south Somerset on Saturday for this year's International Air Day at Yeovilton. The Somerset airbase will be opening its gates for the popular annual show which will feature at its heart a five-hour flying display. The day will also include side shows, funfair, vintage, classic and military vehicles, service demonstrations, picnic areas, helicopter and hovercraft pleasure flights, simulator rides, trade stands and craft exhibitions.

The Fleet Air Arm Museum is also open free to air-day visitors where they will find gun demonstrations and arena displays from the Royal Marines Band. The finale to the day's events is the traditional commando assault demonstration involving the Royal Navy, RAF and Army in a combined attack sequence.

The event will mark the final public appearance of the Royal Navy's Sea Harrier FA2s with the imminent disbandment of Squadron in spring next year. Bringing the story up to date, the Black Hawks team will fly with a pair of Falcon 20s while the Royal Navy's Black Cats team of two Lynx helicopters will fly in spectacular synchronisation. This will have special significance as the Lynx itself is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and there will be a static gathering on the day of Lynxes from the Dutch, German, Danish and French Navies.

A spokesman for the show said: "Its mesmerising display showcases the surprising agility and slow-speed controllability and is definitely not one to be missed. The following information was released by the National Science Foundation: Providing the benefits of speed, portability and access, a pair of unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs surveyed storm-damaged communities in Miss.

In what is one of the first deployments of such craft for disaster search and rescue, the vehicles captured video imagery to help responders focus efforts and avoid hazards. Although houses pushed into the street during the storm surge blocked the entrance into Pearlington, the unique capabilities of the UAVs allowed the team to launch the aircraft from an open patch of road surrounded by downed trees and power lines. One of the UAVs is a 4-foot-long airplane with mounted video and thermal imagery cameras that can capture details from as far away as 1, feet.

Launched by hand, the craft provides rescuers with a broad overview of the disaster area. In part because of the ease of launch and minimal, five-car-length distance needed for landing, the fixed-wing UAV is much easier to deploy than its full-scale counterpart. Provided by SSRRC partner Like90, the helicopter can hover at heights approaching feet and zoom its camera to peer inside windows or scan distant rooftops. Within 2 hours, the vehicles provided responders with information showing that no survivors were trapped and the floodwaters from the cresting Pearl River did not pose an additional threat.

NSF provides a small investment to universities to start the centers, and industry partners bring additional investment and collaboration. NSF then maintains a supporting role with each center as it evolves over a period of up to 10 years. Washington, DC: The US Air Force may focus more on cargo capacity when it re-opens bidding for a new version of a tanker contract that Boeing lost due to a procurement scandal, an executive at a Boeing rival said. Northrop Grumman vice president Marty Dandridge said at an Air Force Association news conference he expected the long-awaited bidding requirements for the tanker to put "more of an emphasis on cargo.

A Boeing spokesman would not comment on the cargo issue, saying only, "We welcome the competition once the US Air Force defines its requirements. We want a level playing field. Acting Air Force secretary Pete Geren said modernising the tanker fleet was critical to the US' ability to fight wars and carry out relief efforts around the world. But it was also very important to carry out any future tanker acquisition programme in a transparent way, given the history of the programme.

Washington, DC: Northrop Grumman has shed almost all of the excess weight it has been aiming to remove from the fire-control radar it is developing for the F Joint Strike Fighter, company programme officials said earlier this week. At one point, the JSF's radar system was about 25 pounds over its pound goal. However, thanks to various weight-reduction initiatives, the bulge has shrunk to less than a pound, and Northrop Grumman expects to hit its weight target by about year's end, said Karen Campbell, director of the JSF radar programme for Northrop Grumman's Electronic Systems sector, and John Dittman, the lead engineering manager for the company's radar effort.

Northrop is "very close to our weight requirement," she said. The F is about four years into its year development and demonstration phase, with the aircraft's first flight slated for August Northrop flew the radar for the first time August 23 aboard a BAC and made a second flight August Each flight lasted about hours and occurred in Maryland, and Northrop said those tests were successful.

The radar development effort plans to conduct about more flights through The first radar is due to be delivered in November to prime contractor Lockheed Martin, which will conduct its own flight-tests, first on a test bed aircraft and later on the F Seoul: Eurocopter has emerged as favourite for selection as preferred foreign partner to Korea Aerospace Industries for South Korea's new utility helicopter programme, but the country's Ministry of National Defence MND could be poised to select AgustaWestland instead if the controversial project moves forward this year.

KAI has been evaluating bids from AgustaWestland, Bell and Eurocopter since late July and is due to make its recommendation to the defence ministry this month. Sources say Eurocopter is offering to give KAI technology from its programmes to develop a new helicopter, but that it cannot guarantee deliveries and Seoul also needs to revise and relaunch its competition to meet existing acquisition regulations.

However, KAI is urging the government to push forward and award a contract for the aircraft programme by year-end--perhaps by finding a loophole in the regulations--to secure its place in the defence budget. Another setback to the delayed programme could lead to outright termination, the company said.

KAI will not comment on its current negotiations, but industry sources say Eurocopter with parent company EADS has been pushing its bid aggressively in recent weeks, promising KAI technology and financial support. Bell plans to begin another round of talks with KAI later this month and will offer an improved package that could give the company workshare in other Bell types, but some people within KAI and the MND are thought to favour the A Bern: The Swiss air force has signed a deal with Pilatus to procure six PC trainers, for delivery from The deal needs government approval and covers the Swiss company's next six pre-production aircraft, to be built in Pilatus' first pre-series PC first flew in late August and will be used to support certification of the design's instrument flight rules and autopilot systems.

The aircraft, along with a second pre-series PC platform to be built this year, will be retained by the manufacturer for testing. A decision is expected from Singapore by March , but possibly as soon as late this year, said Senior. The PC is due to take part in flight trials for the requirement next month. The UAE, which operates 35 Pilatus PC-7 trainers, has already conducted one evaluation of the PC, and the company said a second flight test is due "towards the end of the year".

If successful, it would expect to supply the UK with 60 aircraft, said Senior. The Minuteman 3's dummy warhead traveled more than 4, miles in about 30 minutes, hitting a predetermined target at the Kwajalein Atoll in the western chain of the Marshall Islands.

The a. It was the fourth missile test of ; the third occurred a week ago. Davis, commander of the th FTS, said in a statement. The Korean Air Force will take delivery of Boeing's latest fighter next month after the Fk passed 15 months of test flights. It will make its debut at the Seoul Air Show. Missouri on March It quoted Ed Wilson, a flight instructor for the FE, as saying the aircraft was a multi-role fighter that comes with infrared targeting and cueing system.

It can carry up to Even with all this hardware on board, it is still capable of doing Mach 2. A five-hour air display at RNAS Yeovilton this weekend will celebrate military and civilian aircraft including the Royal Navy's vertical take-off aircraft, the Sea Harrier FA2, which will be taken out of service in the Spring. The show, which will be held on Saturday, will also celebrate the Lynx helicopter - a familiar sight in air rescues across the Westcountry.

The helicopter celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. Organisers say the theme of this year's show is the versatility of the maritime force, which by using its aircraft, ship-borne weapons and Royal Marines, is able to maintain an effective and precise military service from sea.

They also provide safe, mobile platforms for the Army and RAF to operate from. With the imminent end of Squadron - a squadron of Sea Harrier jets - four Harriers will take their last bow in a flying display at the show. In the display the crew will show its agility and ability to be controlled even at very slow speeds for an aircraft so vast. Link is a digital data transmission system that broadcasts information at a high rate and is a standard used by the U.

Department of Defense on secure networks. Testing showed that a B-2 equipped with the link will be able to exchange information with a variety of aircraft, ships, ground vehicles and other platforms similarly equipped with Link, the company has said. Navy and U. Army operating environments. Following certification, the system will be tested on B-2 operational aircraft later this year. Link was successfully demonstrated on a test aircraft in As the B-2 prime contractor, Northrop Grumman is responsible for integrating the capability in the aircraft.

Northrop Grumman said it and the Air Force are working on other communications, radar and weapons modifications for the B The plan, said Lt. The report on the final report won't be ready for a number of weeks, officials said. The decision whether to deploy will come shortly after that. Controlled by onboard computers under guidance by operators on the ground, the RQ-4A Global Hawk is capable of flying at an altitude of 65, feet, above storms and some six miles higher than jetliners normally fly, for more than 35 hours at a time.

During a single mission, a Global Hawk can cover 40, square miles. The aircraft were pressed into service after the terrorist attacks, even though they were still being tested. A larger Global Hawk, designated as RQ-4B, is being developed to carry even bigger loads of reconnaissance equipment. The new B models will be able to carry 3, pounds of equipment, compared with the 2,pound capacity of the A models.

The weapon system doesn't end with the aircraft; it ends with the dissemination of the imagery taken to the war fighter. Sikorsky Aircraft has been awarded a USD The first 10 of these were Chinese built. The AOI subsequently assembled two batches of 15 and 10 K-8E kits from small- and medium-sized components before progressing to 90 per cent of the final The three Gulf states left Cairo in full control by withdrawing from the consortium following Egypt's peace treaty with Israel in The contract is worth about USD75 million and will be financed mainly out of a loan granted to Indonesia by the Polish Government in It is expected that more aircraft will be ordered before the end of The aircraft are due for delivery by the end of The other seven M28s will be maritime patrol aircraft and will be delivered by the end of The conversion of Indonesian personnel to the aircraft type will begin at the end of in Mielec.

At least nine pilots will be trained, including four as instructors. Sixteen maintenance personnel and 14 surveillance officers will also be trained. The first batch of M28s were used for emergency relief operations after the Southeast. Northrop Grumman, after months of hints, has finally declared itself a prime contractor for the U. Air Force's next-generation tanker aircraft, and analysts think the need for new industry in the hurricane-ravaged region could provide new political support for the Mobile, Ala.

Northrop Grumman will announce soon its intention to add its facilities to that complex. Industry officials who studied the RFI say it was very general and, in fact, so generic as to give "no indication of the Air Force's direction. What analysts worry about are unexpected issues that could surface in the AOA that would make all the planning so far completely irrelevant.

A recommendation that could fundamentally alter the concept is any call for two or three different types of tankers. The idea has at least been considered of a large tanker for the transoceanic bridge, a smaller one for high-cycle missions in theater and a KCJ for servicing Navy aircraft and special operations helicopters. At least one senior Air Force official, steeped in acquisition work but not directly involved in the tanker program, voiced the opinion of many that the program will pick two prime contractors, Boeing and Northrop Grumman, so that competition will continue on an annual basis between the KC and the KC The winner would produce a larger number of aircraft, but the loser would build enough to stay in business.

Northrop Grumman is moving very gingerly to make sure teaming with a European company doesn't become a political liability with Congress. They have to convince [lawmakers and political supporters] that the U. There has never been any confirmation of the existence of such Chinese aircraft, but the U. Defense Department said in its annual report on Chinese military power in July that China ''is improving capabilities of its special-mission aircraft, with a focus on electronic warfare.

The aircraft was flying in Japan's designated air defense zone, apparently carrying out a flight exercise or some sort of testing, the sources said. The Japanese government has not disclosed any case of such an incident, including whether its fighters had scrambled. Japan requires aircraft to notify it in advance of any plan to fly into the defense zone. Otherwise, its fighters scramble to intercept unidentified aircraft.

Five Chinese naval ships, including a missile destroyer, were spotted on Sept. In the July report, the Pentagon alleged that China is carrying out a military buildup and modernization beyond its interests over Taiwan. The report alleged that this puts regional military balances ''at risk'' and that China could become a long-term ''credible'' threat to Japan and other countries in the region.

In the first three days since arriving Sept. The aircraft from Peterson's nd Airlift Wing are equipped with Modular Airborne Fire Fighting Systems, which allow them to drop up to 3, gallons of fire retardant over an area one-quarter of a mile long and 60 feet wide. The nd AW aircraft and reservists replaced Air National Guard equipment and people who relocated to support Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

We like to support the firefighters. The aircraft drop their retardant in front of the advancing fire, allowing the firefighters on the ground to clear a wider area or attack the fire from the sides. A mixture of percent water, percent ammonium sulfate and red coloring are combined to create the retardant, also called slurry. To ensure operational communications and provide border units frontier stations, detachment, formed mountain units it is necessary to use aircraft of the special aviation To ensure operational communications and provide border units frontier stations, detachments, formed mountain units it is necessary to use aircraft of special aviation, which could successfully implement tasks under the conditions of uplands of the Caucasus, and at the relatively flat Russian-Kazakh border.

Helicopters secure reconnaissance and supply a function, that is quite unreasonable, because such transport operations are very expensive, at least three times more expensive than by aircraft and also concerning security. The helicopter has a number of drawbacks.

On the other hand, the Lagrangian approach consists of the measurement of the trajectory of a water particle. It is the case of buoys. In fact, depending of the stiffness of the mooring and of the hull of the buoy, this one can either be very close to the surface particles trajectories or close to a fixed point probe. The movements of waverider which were used in the Greek site instrumentation have been measured very close to a particle trajectory [], so in the sequel of this study we are comparing fixed location and particle approaches..

What it is interesting to note here is that the non-linearity second order term is seen by the fixed point measurement in the high frequencies around two times the linear mean frequency and by the particle in the low frequencies. Hz to around times the bandwidth of the linear spectrum. In fact it is not the case because the displacement of the buoy is always obtained by double integration of the acceleration measurements which has like drawback to impose to eliminate the low frequencies where the signal to noise ratio is very bad.

This explains the under estimation of the crest height by the waverider type buoys.. Finite depth The development at second order in finite depth of the formulae in Lagrangian and Eulerian coordinates is made in [5]. If we suppose like in the previous case that these equations stay valid for a narrow band spectra, a general formulation of skewness can be derived. If we calculate the skewness for regular and irregular waves we observe a difference in the results expressions are given in table 6.

In fact we are not comparing skewness but asymmetry of a wave and skewness of a wave process only in this case the statistical term skewness has a meaning. The asymmetry of the regular wave gives information about the local asymmetry of the waves of the wave process. This explains the lower value that can be obtained between field radar observation and laboratory tests like observed in [8].

It shows the important increasing of the high frequency coefficient c in the case of the particle measurement. If we suppose that the high-pass filtering apply on the acceleration measurements consists to put the c coefficient to. We can compare the three different results of skewness: fixed location, particle and particle filtered high-pass. Like it was observed with waverider type measurement we remark the skewness close to. Figures - extreme crests and figures extreme trough.

We note first for wave crests the under estimation in the case of the particle filtered and concordance between particle and fixed location and this at m and m depths, but for the wave troughs it is interesting to observe for the m depth the under estimation of the trough amplitude in the particle observation case. TABLE 8. An empirical statistical study has been led on simulations. They are based on a Jonswap model.

We observe again here what has been noted on the particular waves. We find that the horizontal asymmetry in the data base and in the simulations are of the same order of magnitude. Nevertheless the asymmetry is given greater in the case of the theoretical developments. We have to take into account the fact that the theoretical formulations are based on long-crested waves and do not consider the wave breaking phenomena.

The three points of measurement, where were located the waveriders have permitted to compare results on three different water depths: m, m and m. Probability law of wave heights. Whatever the water depth, the Rayleigh gives a good fitting for the individual wave heights, crest heights and trough heights with different scale coefficients and reproduce well the horizontal asymmetry.

The probability law of maximum values on each time series, is found logically as a Gumbel law with a mode parameter which describes again clearly the strong non-linearities at the water depth location. Meanwhile the probability laws on wave heights are unchanged when going from m water depth to meter water depth. Eulerian, Lagrangian and free-floating buoy measurement.

Formulations of third order statistical parameters has been given for long-crested waves. In the three cases of fixed location measurement, particle measurement and free-floating buoy acceleration measurement, the skewness and the asymmetry of the vertical displacement which are measured are quite different.

The ambiguity of the comparison between regular and irregular waves which give different skewness does not exist. Regular waves asymmetry describes local asymmetry of a wave of the same height of an irregular wave process. The behaviour of the buoy has a great influence on the vertical asymmetry which has not been analysed for this reason. The possibility to come back to actual free surface elevation from these type of measurements has to be investigated seriously.

Water of finite depth", J. R, «List of sea state parameters», supplement to bulletin No 5. Skewness of sea elevation from Waverider at, and m Buoy at m Buoy at m Buoy at m. Front and back slopes of maximum wave crests from Waverider at, and m Back Crest Slope.

Mean bias between front and back slope of maximum wave crest Waverider m Waverider m Waverider m September. Rayleigh model fitted on wave crest amplitudes at m.. Rayleigh model fitted on wave heights at m.. Fitted Gumbel model on. Statistics of the 76 successive wave sequences -th of March Cumulant and Skewness formulae TABLE 7.

TABLE 9. Mean bias between front and back slope of maximum wave crest Skewness of sea elevation from Waverider at, and m Front and back slopes of maximum wave crests from Waverider at, and m Maximum wave crests and wave troughs from Waverider at, and m..

Rayleigh model fitted on wave crest amplitudes at m Rayleigh model fitted on wave heights at m Rayleigh models for Waverider m The data come from the field of drug discovery. New drugs are developed from chemicals that. Please discover this full overview of all our consumables available to you. To assist navigation. Yes I have just demonstrated. It is used for adding tokens to a Net2 system and also for identifying lost cards. That's the past! All that's in the past!

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Basis Global entre en bourse baranov investing funds


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From the beginning, the company focused on automation engineered specifically for SAP. As the global adoption of SAP grew, so did the need for automation technology that would help organizations reap the benefits and meet the challenges that come with this business-critical software. The company continues to focus on enabling enterprises to extract more value from their SAP systems through automation that massively reduces the amount of manual effort, and therefore risk of errors and downtime, involved in delivery of SAP change.

As companies increasingly seek ways to improve the speed and efficiency with which they deliver change to the business, Basis Technologies introduces its DevOps Toolset, a suite of automation tools centered around Transport Expresso — an updated iteration of Transport Express — that enables businesses running SAP to move to continuous development and delivery. The company also shifts to a subscription-based licensing model to better meet customer needs. The company announces establishment of a new German subsidiary, headquartered in Berlin, Germany.

The location enables Basis Technologies to support the growing demand for SAP automation in mainland Europe, including German-speaking countries. In response to customer feedback, the core elements of the DevOps Toolset are brought together into a single new product named ActiveControl that delivers even greater value. ActiveControl combines a full suite of automation features into one easy-to-understand new product that provides the most powerful, effective way to automate SAP change control, support agile development and enable adoption of DevOps for SAP.

Basis Technologies further expands its market-leading SAP automation solutions with the introduction of Testimony, a ground-breaking new product that employs Robotic Test Automation to transform SAP regression testing. Unlike any other testing approach, Testimony eliminates the need for manual test scripting and maintenance, helping companies achieve high-quality, low risk delivery of SAP change.

As the largest SAP market in the world, the company makes a strategic decision to expand its US focus and establish centrally-located sales, consulting, marketing and support operations. The company returns to where it all began in by opening new offices in Sydney, Australia. Enterprises can adopt ActiveControl and Testimony with the SAP seal of approval, confident that they have demonstrated the ability to integrate smoothly with SAP solutions and will deliver value.

The company has experienced significant growth in recent years and investment from SEP enables the acceleration of product development and increased adoption of its industry-leading software through expansion of global sales and partnership capabilities. ECP users can now employ ActiveControl to help them move faster, minimize risk and ensure full audit compliance when making changes to critical payroll systems on which employee livelihoods depend.

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Basis Global entre en bourse forex trading platform

Comment Acheter des Actions en Bourse ? (2019)

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