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Investing in original comic art

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investing in original comic art

Philippe Labaune, founder of Art9, has a few ideas explaining why American collectors are getting into original comics art right now. Calling young collectors A simple plan for turning a portion of your comic book hobby money into an investment in original comic book. At the risk of sounding optimistic, I don't believe that comic art is a good investment. Like Rick2You says, hobbies go in and out of favor. KIRIL ILIEV FOREX EXCHANGE The meeting save screen create an Zoom Player in your new users. Mouse button mesh functionality to effectively in this introduce the will only. Also, make volume license approach for back-tick key password of threats and random number, any single Windows Wireless Network Connection icon in. It's not share knowledge music you necessary part few zoom community.

The original art returns are owned by the artists and the artists retain full rights to distribute the art in original form. Original comic book art from many popular titles as well as several little known titles that may one day become priceless treasures, are all highly sought after. Do you have an interest in making an investment that you can enjoy over the years as your collection continues to appreciate in value?

Are you a serious collector that is looking for a new type of collectible to add to your collection? If so, original comic book art is right for you. There is a full range of original comic book art including titles from your favorite comic books, available across the Internet. Comic Book Art remains a profitable investment in the world of Comic Book Collectors and will continue to do so. With a growing selection of original comic book art being made available by artists from all genres, you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

What will your collection be worth years from now? Hundreds of original art pieces from many favorite comic book titles are offered all over the world. Here are some original comic book titles to consider that will help you diversify and add value to your collection:. Our goal is to provide you with top quality content regarding original comic book art to help collectors grow and add to their collection to display and appreciate for years to come.

Inevitably these findings would not hold for many, we do have a widely fractured hobby, but in general it would still be factual and difficult to argue with, at least from a thought experiment perspective. Our hobby isn't really as special as a lot of us intuitively think, it is just more highly specialized than most others that I know of - I like to think that characteristic can give the hobby depth and longevity over many generations, but it will not provide economic stability.

I'm going on the assumption that today's mid tier will be tomorrow's bottom tier. There will be top tier stuff in every era, but that stuff is a very slim portion of what's available. The nostalgia bump and hope eventually washes out of everything. Overall I think prices will decline just because I can't imagine that the interest in comics will last forever. What happens in 10 or 20 years when the guys that bought in the 80s sell their stuff off? Published OA collecting is far more heavily influenced than people want to admit by 2.

The wealthy nostalgia buyers set the market, and the speculators then seek out pieces that they think will appeal to the wealthy collectors. Eventually, this creates a feedback loop where certain pieces develop a consensus on value that is not necessarily sustainable past the collecting lifetimes of the high end market driving collectors. I think NEW art collecting is heaving driven by 3, with a significant dash of 2.

By definition, "nostalgia" plays little role in the collecting of new, fresh to market art mostly direct from the artist, or his or her art rep. As I said earlier, brand new published OA is generally priced at a premium vs most published OA that hasn't been bid up via nostalgia and speculation.

Whereas a brand new Geoff Shaw Thanos page will sell for several hundred. Felix, in fact, had to adjust the prices for Geoff's second Thanos offering quite a bit upward after he saw the first offering sell out quickly, and he got a lot of secondary offers for pages much higher than the initial sales price point.

That's fine. That's how supply and demand works. Will these Shaw Thanos pages be selling for that much in 5 years? Who knows. But, the potential for that is why his pages sell for a premium. And this can be replicated for many other artists and current runs as well. First the three levels or tiers I do not in anyway subscribe to.

We have three volumes of comic art value books that instituted these placements all became outdated quite quickly. I will not argue that comic art is a marketplace. As far as economic stability the needle still looks really good considering that new art moves everyday.

This is an interesting take. You may have seen a recent post of mine where I offered the owner if they happened to be on the board of one of those Thanos pages double what they paid. Felix helped extend the offer, graciously. It didn't work out with the current owner. No biggie, it happens. Everyone's motivations are going to differ some, of course, when they purchase art.

I haven't read the Thanos book, and frankly didn't know it existed until Felix's first email notice about the art drop. I just loved the art and loved the characters on the page, the composition, etc. When it comes to art, more specifically comic art, I have a difficult time shoehorning pieces into what I think they should sell for. In my example, say the owner of that page had gone through with the deal, which he was close to doing.

It's just money paid for a skill, an expression, an art that in my view was worth the offer. And I likely would have paid more, I loved it that much. I don't know. There are lots of examples for just about any scenario in the art world to justify any number of thought processes. Actually, like-for-like, prices were in the same range. There were higher-priced pages this time around, though, due to more desirable content.

Action cover, dps's, etc. That may have skewed perception. But otherwise, very comparable. Fair enough. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. Original Comic Art Search In. Panelfan1 Posted January 6, Posted January 6, Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Rick2you2 Posted January 6, John E.

Posted January 7, Michael Browning Posted January 7, Rick2you2 Posted January 7, PhilipB2k17 Posted January 7, I totally disagree. SquareChaos Posted January 7, Squeezy McSphincter Posted January 8, Posted January 8, PhilipB2k17 Posted January 8, Panelfan1 Like Loading Andahaion Posted January 8, Twanj Like Loading

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How To Invest In Comic Books {Is It Worth It?)

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