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Intertrader review forex peace army tadawul

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intertrader review forex peace army tadawul

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Intertrader review forex peace army tadawul who is the financial minister in india


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There are many awards Intertrader received before , they are presented on every page of the website with additional video clips that explain how to deposit and to promote forex trading. Whole website content is geared towards new traders as there are over explanations for all categories. As stated both can be done from one account and one platform, but what is meant is that you will have to select the account type, Spread betting or CFD trading during the registration.

Note that there is different pricing for the MT4 and the web platform. The broker presents what you will need for registration and the required minimum deposit. There is also an option to select a corporate or individual account. Since the accounts have different trading conditions on the platforms, Intratrader presents a feature list of both platforms on the account creation page. We would also like to add that the Web Platform does not support custom indicators and other features, but has a news feed module, more on platforms in the next section.

Also, there are differences in pricing between the two. Intertrader also features a professional account named Black Account. This account has special pricing and higher leverage but, as per regulations, has certain requirements. Two of them must be met to be classified as a professional trader:.

Intertrader offers two platforms, Metatrader 4 which is available in mobile and desktop installments, for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. Advanced Intertrader Platform is the second, available as a downloadable install for Windows and Mac. MetaTrader 4 is updated to the latest version and set to default settings. There are two servers available and both are from the UK, relaying a ping of just above 60ms. Classic default chart layout is loaded with the 4 major Forex pairs set on 4 hours timeframe, there are no additional indicators or templates.

Instrument Specification window is filled with enough trading information. One-Click trading buttons are visible and the Termina Trade tab shows all relevant trading costs, swaps, and commissions. The execution times ranged from ms to ms which is very fast even though we have seen execution times lower than 70ms with ECN STP brokers.

Indeed Stocks are not listed in MT4 but Indexes are. This plugin will act as an indicator on a chart that will display the analysis and Trading Central trading recommendation. This Calendar has a great overview of events, descriptions on click, impact meter, filtering by country and different time scaling.

The chart has similar if not all the features like in MT4 but with more timeframes and has automatic analysis lines applied. The chart windows are resizeable but not modular, have different themes and a few chart types, some of which are not available in MT4.

A total of 29 indicators are available to insert, some are interesting like the Elastic Volume Weighted MA. Finally, apart from the almost the same trading positions panel as the MT4, there is a Signals and Patterns module that is available only for Live accounts that feature analysis from Intratrader. Overall the web platform is far superior to what is seen usually and packed with features. While similar in design, it has even more features and advanced possibilities not available in the MT4.

This time all windows are modular and resizeable, even more, chart types are available with the ability to link as well as more indicators. Complex alerts can be set, a lot of tools are at your disposal. They are of high quality and provide useful detailed information. Workspaces can be saved giving traders the ability to specialize on, for example, on fundamental, technical analysis and trading.

There are more than 70 indicators on the list and more than 20 automatic patterns plotting. Traders that are used to MT4 would need some adaptation while cTrader users will have an easier time as the platform uses similar design. Overall, a professional, broker-specialized platform.

Leverage is instrument-specific and is also different for professional and retail clients. For Forex, the leverage is for majors and crosses, and for minors. For professionals, the leverage is higher to and levels. Indexes have and leverage while Cryptocurrencies have for all.

Commodities usually have but precious metals have leverage including the futures contracts. Intratrader is a micro-lot broker or the minimum trade volume size is 0. The maximum individual trade size is lots. This is the same for spot Gold and Silver while Gold futures have 1 lot minimum trade size and lots maximum.

Indexes have the same trade sizes, 1 lot minimum and lots maximum. Cryptocurrencies futures hide a surprise, the minimum trade volume is 1 lot, including the Bitcoin, which is too high especially considering the leverage of Stops levels are 0 for most assets, the exception is cryptocurrencies which have a 10 points limit. Note that all Futures have an expiration date at which your trade positions will be realized.

Intratrader charges commissions for Forex CFDs while other instruments have the costs included in the spreads. The commission is 3 currency units per side per lot, so it will depend on the currency pair traded. We have confirmed this statement in the MT4. The commission is not presented in the specification window within the MT4, but it is in the Terminal once you open a trade. Commissions are not charged for the web platform.

Swaps are calculated in points and are under normal levels with frequent positives, tripled on Wednesdays. The website pricing table does not have swaps and visitors are redirected to see instrument specification in the MT4. This is per annum rate and is much higher than average in the industry.

Also, note that the cryptos are also futures so they have an expiration date. Web platform shares have a commission, 0. Dividends are paid and debited depending on the position and on the company or Index. On the MT4 no shares trading is possible. Metatrader 4 Account does not have shares so traders will have Commodities, Precious metals, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Indexes.

Forex has a total of 50 currency pairs. This is not a better offer as the difference is negligible. Platinum futures are mentioned on the website listing but we could not find it in the Web platform nor the MT4. Indexes have a good range with 13 total in MT4 and 14 on the Web platform.

How does Intertrader make money? Intertrader earns all of its revenues from spreads and commissions and maintains a market-neutral operating model. How can I deposit into an Intertrader account? What is the minimum lot size at Intertrader? The minimum trading size depends on the asset traded, but currency pairs start at 0. When does a margin call take place at Intertrader? Is Intertrader regulated?

What is the maximum leverage offered by Intertrader? The maximum leverage for retail traders is while professional traders receive up to How do I open an account with Intertrader?

Intertrader review forex peace army tadawul republic bank trinidad and tobago forex rates

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