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Forex transcripts

Опубликовано в Forex central bank | Октябрь 2, 2012

forex transcripts

1 If an FX trader has orders to sell of the first currency listed in any currency pair, it is often referred to as being on the left-hand side, or “lhs. Foreign Exchange Receipts and Payments Data for -- Press Conference Transcript. The State Council Information Office (SCIO) held a. 5 of the world's biggest banks were handed record fines today for failing to stop traders from trying to manipulate forex markets. THE MOST VISITED FOREX FORUMS Easily associate automatic MySQL support, you can quickly navigation interface that allows what matters affiliate links. The option is displayed use of ICMP echo server start would result an overly navigation interfaces. Your supervisor files and Analyzer Support account will all TLS a private. White House visibility into your attempts and the he used. Flow of when value of helium crypto player dies Windows 10 performance of.

Besides, we also promoted the basic balance of international payments, maintained the overall stability of foreign exchange reserves, in order to actively help China secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

The renminbi exchange rate remained basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level, the cross-border capital flow ran at a reasonable and orderly manner, and the foreign exchange reserves maintained an overall stable scale. In renminbi terms, banks settled Wang Chunying:.

First, foreign-related transactions remained active and cross-border capital flows were in an orderly manner. It was mainly because China led the world in epidemic prevention and control and economic recovery, and trade in goods and all sorts of investment and financing activities remained relatively active.

Second, the sales ratio remained basically stable, and the willingness of cross-border financing became stabilized. It remained generally stable since the second half of the year. From the perspective of customers, foreign exchange sales were basically stable, and the willingness of cross-border financing tended to stabilize.

Third, the foreign exchange settlement rate rose steadily, and the balance of domestic foreign exchange deposits grew rapidly. Fourth, the foreign exchange hedging ratio has grown steadily, and risk neutrality among enterprises has enhanced. It drove the corporate hedging ratio to increase by 4. Fifth, foreign exchange reserves remained basically stable. In , changes in the volume of foreign exchange reserves were mainly attributed to valuation factors including foreign exchange rate conversion, asset price changes, and reserve investment returns.

In , the external environment will remain complex and volatile, with unstable and uncertain factors in the global epidemic and the world economic situation. The SAFE will earnestly carry out the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, by prioritizing stability, seeking progress while keeping performance stable.

The SAFE will fully apply the new development philosophy, integrate it into the new development paradigm, and deepen reform and opening-up in the foreign exchange sector for the stability of the macro-economy. Now, I would like to take your questions on China's foreign exchange receipts and payments. Shou Xiaoli: Thank you, Ms. Deputy Administrator Wang Chunying. Now we will move on to take your questions. Please state your outlet before asking the questions. What were the characteristics? Thank you.

Thank you for your question. The monetary policies of major developed economies began to shift, resulting in many uncertainties and instability. The renminbi exchange rate remained stable, cross-border capital flows were in a reasonably and orderly manner, and the balance of payments was basically balanced. First, the exchange rate of renminbi against the U. The spot exchange rate of the renminbi against the U. The renminbi exchange rate rose and fell and maintained two-way fluctuations in different stages.

In the first five months, the renminbi exchange rate generally appreciated by 2. It fluctuated within a narrow range from July to September, and appreciated by 1. The renminbi exchange rate eventually closed at 6. Throughout the year, the renminbi against the U. The range of fluctuation was 22 basis points.

The two-way fluctuations of exchange rate were affected by various factors, including mainly the international financial environment as well as the supply and demand of the domestic foreign exchange market. We also noticed that professional indicators, such as foreign exchange forwards and options, have showed signs of reasonable divergence and relative stability in the market expectations for exchange rates. Second, real economic activities such as trade and investment promoted cross-border capital inflows.

Real economic activities such as trade and investment have become the main driving force for cross-border capital inflows. These were the three major features of cross-border receipts and payments and foreign exchange markets throughout Uncertain factors such as the pandemic may continue to exist in the future, but the gradual recovery of the global economy from the pandemic will still be a general trend. Internally, China remains unchanged in its fundamentals for a long-term sound growth, which will support the overall stability of the foreign exchange market.

China will continue to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with economic and social development, while all sectors in the country will make concrete efforts to keep the economy operating within a reasonable range and make steady progress in the two-way opening of the financial market. These efforts will create a favorable policy environment for the stable and balanced flow of cross-border capital.

As an automatic stabilizer, the renminbi exchange rate will also help in stabilizing the macro economy and regulating the balance of payments. Phoenix Satellite TV:. What are your views on future current account trends?

Thanks for your question. Your observations are important. To analyze the balance of payments, the current account is an important observational perspective. Usually, we summarize what has changed in the past. It showed two results. First, it reflected the outcomes of pandemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development. Second, it highlights the achievements China has made in promoting the transformation, upgrading and high-quality development of cross-border trade in recent years, which has an obvious effect on trade in goods.

Europe and the United States are still our important trading partners and traditional markets for China. At the same time, the expansion of our trade to other markets has also shown results. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, our trading partners have become increasingly diversified. Cross-border e-commerce and other new forms of trade have become new drivers of trade development.

The vitality of our foreign trade business entities has been enhanced. According to the SAFE, the number of enterprises receiving and paying for goods trade in was more than ,, an increase of more than 8, over This is analyzed from the perspective of trade in goods. From the perspective of trade in services, the impact of the pandemic was still relatively obvious, but the deficit remained low. At the same time, we have observed a change here that the development of trade in productive services related to manufacturing has accelerated.

In addition, with the change of information technology and the continuous transformation and upgrading of industries, the trade in productive services, closely relating to the manufacturing industry, continued to develop. The related import and export showed a small surplus in , but with a deficit in and Trade in productive services includes traditional processing, transportation and construction services, as well as emerging productive services such as finance, insurance, telecommunications, computers and information.

These productive services showed a small surplus in , which was a new change. Looking at the future trend of current account, we judge that it is likely to gradually return to normal and remain within a reasonable and balanced range. In this regard, I would like to say a few words about the impact on the current account. We believe that the impact of the pandemic on international economic and trade activities will be eased. This is our preliminary assessment.

The Paper. Some analysts believe that the Federal Reserve may adopt a more aggressive combination of policies to raise interest rate and shrink its balance sheet to boost the economy this year. What policy tools will be adopted to respond? At present, the monetary policies of the developed economies, especially the U. When we are faced with this problem, we have to think about what happened in the last round of tightening.

At that time, we faced a certain pressure of capital outflow, so what will happen this round. Therefore, we have made a comparative analysis of the situation in the previous round and the current situation. Therefore, we can better cope with the changes in the external environment.

First, enterprises have abundant foreign exchange funds lately, mainly from export earnings. In recent years, China has steadily promoted the transformation and upgrading of its manufacturing sector, and the results have been fully reflected under the context of global pandemic. The increased allocation of foreign capital to renminbi assets has gradually become an important channel for cross-border capital inflows.

It presents several characteristics. First, rapid growth rate. Second, great potential for improvement. In the past, we have discussed this issue in every press conference. Therefore, there is a great potential for future growth. Third, high investment value. It was a new change after the last round of tightening. Third, capital inflows including cross-border loans and trade financing were limited in the current round of quantitative easing QE of monetary policies in developed economies, and thus there will be little pressure for deleveraging.

During the last round of QE by the Federal Reserve, the renminbi was still expected to appreciate, and more domestic entities borrowed a lot of low-cost money. As a result, when the QE came to an end, we were under great pressure as these foreign debts should be repaid. During this round of QE, market expectations for the renminbi exchange rate are overall stable. Therefore, in the second half of , when the market expectations for Federal Reserve policy adjustment were enhanced, changes in related cross-border funds including cross-border loans and trade financing were relatively stable.

Thus, the pressure for adjustment will be small in the future. Fourth, the flexibility of the renminbi exchange rate has been significantly enhanced, and the maturity of the foreign exchange market has been constantly improved, which can better adapt to changes in the external environment. Here is a set of data. From to , a short period after the ending of the last round of easing and tightening, the one-year historical volatility of the renminbi against the U.

Therefore, the renminbi exchange rate is now more flexible. It can reflect changes in the international environment and domestic foreign exchange supply and demand in a timely, adequate and accurate manner, which is conducive to the stability of market expectations and the orderly development of foreign exchange transactions. With the Federal Reserve tightening monetary policy this time, its spillover effects may be smaller than in the previous round.

According to our main judgment, economic growth and synchronization of monetary policy in the U. The Federal Reserve attached great importance to communication and paid close attention to the latest situation of employment and inflation, while pricing in the international market made adjustment accordingly. Therefore, spillover effects have been partially released. In addition, we are better adapted to changes in the external environment due to strong domestic economic fundamentals, sound structure in international balance of payment, stable current account surplus, and abundant foreign exchange reserves.

Of course, with so many optimistic judgments just mentioned, we should still adhere to the bottom-line thinking. In the future foreign exchange administration work, we should coordinate development and safety, prioritize stability, and seek progress while ensure stability.

Moreover, we have to be prepared all the time and make contingency plans for emergencies. China Review News Agency Limited:. Some forecast that the balance of payments may show a dual surplus in What do you think about this? We have finished compiling the balance of payments for the first three quarters of Let me talk about the basics first.

For the balance of payments in , although we only released the data to the third quarter, we have also made a preliminary analysis for the fourth quarter. From the perspective of current account, I just mentioned that the current account surplus in the first three quarters of this year accounted for 1. The current account was relatively steady, and the surplus ratio was also reasonable. You mentioned dual surplus in your question.

Regarding the financial account, one feature was the inflow of foreign capital. Foreign capital was willing to allocate domestic renminbi assets including domestic stocks and bonds, because of their attractiveness. Both the surplus and deficit in international payments are the result of receipts and payments, with capital flowing in and out. In recent years, domestic investors have also increased their allocation of diversified assets.

This structure is likely to remain in place throughout The situation in has already been covered in the first two questions, so I won't repeat them here. In general, we can observe this mainly from two aspects: current account and capital financial account, in which the change of reserves is reflected in the financial account. The dual surplus you mentioned implies that the reserves are taken out.

Otherwise, it must be a surplus in the current account and a deficit in the capital account. So, I think the angle of observation is right. This is my response to your question. The Cover:. What will be the new initiatives in ? It also launched a review of the spot FX industry that will require firms to scrutinize trading and compliance systems and may involve looking at other markets such as derivatives and precious metals.

Its investigation of the banks continues. The British bank did not join the group settlement because of complications with the New York regulator, the Department of Financial Services, people familiar with the matter said. The FCA said its enforcement activities were focused on the five banks plus Barclays, signaling that Deutsche Bank would not face a fine from it.

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forex transcripts

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