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Finanzas forex devolucion 2012 electoral votes

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finanzas forex devolucion 2012 electoral votes

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Egypt is suffering from a continuous increase in the budget deficit, and the government is complaining about the increased expenditures. Is there a clear plan to control the deficit and increase the resources other than reducing subsidies? To adjust the economic growth process and cash reserves, two things should be controlled: expenditures and revenues. Expenses processed and revenues increased through the productive capacity and economic reform programme will succeed financially and structurally in all the state institutions.

We need a detailed plan that explains the mechanisms followed to achieve the targets at specified times and finances. Through that detailed development programme, we can say that we need external financing, not internal. It does not add anything to the economy to implement the programme either through a loan from the IMF or offering the bonds abroad.

The parliament approved the Civil Service Law after the first structural reform. The law aimed to make everyone who works in the administrative system an added value and to establish rules on accountability. The financial reform programme started by applying the value-added tax VAT Law. The VAT should have been applied in a later stage, but circumstances prevented this from happening.

After sales tax was applied in and subjected goods for taxes, the VAT is a legislative evolution. The VAT will cause both inflation and prices increase; therefore, some sectors should be protected and be exempt from the tax, such as basic goods, medicine, education, and health services.

Social security pensions should be reconsidered, especially the weak pensions to citizens. They should increase according to the inflation indicators pensions that would result from approving the tax. The Ministry of Finance is expecting inflation growth indicators at rates ranging from 1.

Do you expect that the tax reform plan will succeed in increasing the resources of the state? Through that increase, a social protection system will be put in place, whether by excluding certain goods from taxes or increasing weak pensions. The reform of the tax system is very important, because passing the VAT Law will bring the informal economy into the official economy.

We should encourage the use of bills by providing incentives for people entering into the official system of the economy. The tax increase community will lead to revenue growth and the ability to efficiently finance services that are provided to Egyptians. There is criticism directed towards the timing of the VAT. How would you comment on this? There are countries that have applied VAT. Any law has disadvantages and these disadvantages can be reduced.

This has happened already by excluding certain goods and services from the tax. The reform programme must coincide with an increase in productivity capacity, whether in the public or the private sector. The Ministry of Industry has a programme for resolving factory problems, supporting them financially, and providing a suitable environment for their work. The previous regimes avoided subsidy reduction. Do you expect the current system will succeed in reducing subsidies and controlling the consequences?

Are citizens satisfied with the free education or free medical services? We should evaluate the matter and treat distortions that affect the economic system. There must be a cost for each service provided to the citizens by the state facilities. The Egyptian people have invested billions of pounds in facilities and must preserve them. When service prices increase, low-income people will be taken into account, as will balance between revenues and expenditures.

Does it make sense? The facilities will change if they continue working that way. The railway for example is collapsing due to its annual losses. How will you protect low-income citizens from the negative effects of the economic reform? People should know the costs of services, like what happened with electricity. When the Ministry of Electricity increased prices recently, it took into account the low-income citizens, and some segments of society are paying as low as 13 piastres per kilowatt.

The scales of justice requires supporting those who suffer, and prices should move over time according to the inflation rates, but at the same time salaries should be increased too to maintain a good standard of living. I personally believe that subsidies are means to achieve social justice; however, subsidies for all cannot continue. Economic reform is not confined to Egypt only; Saudi Arabia for the first time in its history, borrowed, offered bonds, and implemented a reform programme.

Are we going to wait until we become like Greece or Argentina? Does parliament have a plan to resolve the problems related to tourism because it is one of the most important sources of national income? We seek to resolve problems faced by the tourism sector due to its ability to push the Egyptian economy forward during the current period.

We have questions for the Ministry of Tourism. Have they made marketing campaigns abroad to return tourism activity to Egypt? There are billions of pounds invested in that sector, and many job opportunities can be provided. The Economic Affairs Committee has commented on the current law, most notably saying that it works by the isolated islands mechanism and lacks integration. The investment organising structure must create a clear climate. Foreign investment is attracted by the climate, not only the laws.

There are a lot of rumours about the one-stop shop system, but the fact is there is no one-stop shop. The committee held meetings with Minister of Investment Dalia Khorshid, and investment regulation laws are being reviewed. These laws must be simplified to attract investors, and that does not mean abandoning the rights of the state. The government has decided to once again rely on itself regarding the implementation of the economic reform programme, while the space left for private sector contribution has significantly shrunk.

According to the economic and social plan issued by the Ministry of Planning, the government is aiming to achieve about EGP On the other hand, the amount of targeted private investments reaches EGP Private investments have retreated gradually over the past years.

Former assistant to the executive director of the International Monetary Fund IMF , Fakhry El-Fiky, said that private sector investments have not reached the needed amount in the Egyptian economy. He added that private sector investments have declined during the past years and that the government has started to inject investments into the market in order to outbalance the decline.

He noted that the decline in private sector investments indicates the problems facing the sector in the local market, which is mainly the halt of factory productions due to the lack of US dollar liquidity. EGP Real estate activities have taken the biggest share of public investments during the current FY at EGP Private sector investments mainly focused on the extractions sector during the current FY at a value of EGP The government has expected the private sector to invest about EGP 40m in the electricity sector, which is considered the lowest share of total private sector investments during the current FY.

El-Fiky added that directing the highest percentage of the private sector investments into the oil extractions sector is attributed to the increase in investments from foreign and local companies after the discovery of the largest gas field in Egypt, in addition to other areas. El-Fiki attributed the high inflow of investments in the real estate sector to national projects launched by the government during the current FY, including the housing project for low-income citizens.

He believes that the total size of investments is significantly low compared to the nature of the Egyptian market and its large size. The focus of the public and private sectors in the past years, according to the available data, was not on the real estate sector, but rather on the extraction and manufacturing industries. However, the investment plan of the current FY looks to direct more investments to the construction sector.

Statistics issued by the Central Bank of Egypt CBE show that the government and its affiliated bodies have obtained most of the increase in granted bank loans since the beginning of The government obtained Last May, three banks arranged the largest loan in the history of the banking sector with a value of EGP 20bn for the social housing fund affiliated to the Ministry of Housing.

El-Sakka added that economic turmoil has negatively impacted the economy. This reflected on the companies and their dealings and expansion plans, which reduced their demand. He also mentioned that these companies rely on US dollars, and due to the foreign currency shortage, a number of companies and factories have limited their activities until the currency becomes available again.

El-Sakka said that the private sector does not need the CBE to intervene and put pressure on banks to direct part of their loans to it. The rate of loans employment declined at companies by about 5. At the same time, the government heavily relies on the banking sector to finance the budget deficit.

The government owns the largest two banks in the country, in addition to several other small banks. An official in the National Bank of Egypt, the largest Egyptian bank in terms of assets, said that the economic contraction over the last period has contributed to the slowdown of the growth of private sector loans. He expected, on the other hand, that government loans will increase in light of the national projects that are being established and the development of infrastructure.

The total deposits employment of the banking sector in loans increased by about 3. A credit official in Banque Misr partially attributed the growth in government loans to the activity of some public bodies and their expansions. He also stated that the decrease in private sector loans is due to the banks limiting loans in foreign currency, which the private sector needs. He added that banks are facing a crisis in providing financings in foreign currency.

He also noted that the increase in government requests for loans is due to the infrastructure and development projects it is undertaking, which require local currency. The total loan portfolio reached EGP Egypt has been eyeing mega projects to achieve political and economic gains since President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi took office two years ago.

These include the expansion of the Suez Canal in one year, a plan to build half a million housing units in two years for low-income citizens, the New Administrative Capital, and the reclamation of 1. The usefulness of these projects has been questioned. The bank said that the pace of decline accelerated during August, as a result of the sharp decline in production, new orders, and employment.

The index fell to 47 points in August, compared to The survey noted that companies were hesitant to engage in purchasing activities in August due to the cost of purchases that registered its highest level in the history of the index, in light of the weakness of the local currency, which led to a decline in raw material supply and liquidity.

The survey also showed that the customer requests from the private sector declined due to high prices and the lack of liquidity. Emirates NBD said in a report on the survey results that August saw a sharp increase in the prices of products as a result of the high cost of production requirements, and that the pressures of cost far outweighed the attempts to attract new customers through discounts. The survey showed that the rate of job losses was the fastest since the index started about five and a half years ago.

Private companies said that a number of employees left their jobs looking for better job opportunities. At the same time, a large number of government companies and authorities are suffering from financial crises, chronic losses, and financial and administrative excesses. The post Government shrinks role of private sector, relies on itself to reform economy appeared first on Daily News Egypt.

When U. Lew will be traveling to Argentina as part of a tour of four major Latin American economies, including Brazil, Colombia and Mexico. During his meeting with Prat-Gay, Lew will talk about ways the U. The whitewashing law will also be on the agenda at a time when Buenos Aires wants the help of the United States to track down Argentines with undeclared assets abroad. Lew will be the first U. Treasury secretary to visit Argentina since In fact, he met with Prat-Gay in Davos at the end of January to congratulate him on the economic reforms and said Washington was ending its policy of opposing most lending to Argentina from the multilateral development banks.

Even though Lew will have a day filled with meetings in Buenos Aires, the Treasury said it will only release his full schedule the day before his arrival. What we do know now is that Lew will be hosting a talk on the global economy and U. Descargar archivo en PDF. Francisco Javier Mariategui — Of. The workshop brought together representatives of over 35 countries, CSOs, the private sector and providers of development co-operation, including South-South Co-operation partners.

It provided an opportunity for national monitoring co-ordinators and other stakeholders to review the results of the second monitoring round at the country level, drawing lessons and conclusions for further action. On the monitoring exercise , participants underlined its importance and utility as part of the Global Partnership, as it represents an opportunity for countries to assess their respective progress on how development co-operation is conducted at the country level and engage and exchange with all development partners on this issue.

As captured by the preliminary results aggregated at the global level, while several Busan commitments have made progress or been maintained, some indicators have deteriorated for Africa. Aid predictability and untied aid have declined, and no progress has been made in strengthening country systems. However, there are positive stories to share around defining national priorities, mutual accountability, aid on budget, gender-responsive budgeting and inclusive partnerships with CSOs, the private sector, etc.

Overall, the continent remains more dependent on aid than other regions, which is a challenge considering that many countries in Africa are transitioning to Middle Income status. The results of the monitoring exercise should be used to spur dialogue and change, including making binding commitments, so that concrete actions are undertaken at the national level. Moreover, representatives called for stronger efforts and greater openness to accessing relevant information, as data transparency and comprehensiveness remain critical to ensuring that reliable evidence is gathered for the monitoring exercise.

On the discussions around the mandate of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation , participants acknowledged that it should go beyond the monitoring exercise, and become a platform of exchange towards the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.

It was also highlighted that the Global Partnership should continue to play a strong advocacy role in order to change behaviour among all partners to increase effective development co-operation, particularly within the context of the implementation of the new sustainable development agenda. The Global Partnership should also increase its communication and visibility at all levels to strengthen the involvement of all development partners.

On the Second High-Level Meeting taking place in Nairobi on 29 November-1 December, participants underlined the importance that African countries speak with one voice and called for an integrated action plan for development effectiveness that would fit into the AU Agenda and the Agenda. Ley Consideraciones a tener en cuenta en las Obligaciones de pago derivadas de los Devengados pendientes de pago de ejercicios anteriores.

Las Normas de Control aplicables en las rendiciones de cuentas. The winning project saw Birmingham City Council team up with 6 Local Enterprise Partnerships LEPs to improve confidence, encourage investment, and attract and retain business talent. Companies to benefit from the project include Westfield Sports Cars which accelerated production of a new prototype vehicle and Induction Technology Group which invested in new manufacturing equipment, leading to an increase in global sales.

We have , more small businesses than in and they have an important role to play in building an economy that works for all. These awards recognise the value of local support and show what can be achieved when people who know their community best make their own decisions. Congratulations to all 4 winners. If your contact information has changed since you filled out a victim impact sheet, it is very important that you advise AC of any changes so that the company can reach you if they need any additional information from you.

In addition, if you have not provided a telephone number or email address, please provide this information to AC to ensure that AC can reach you as quickly as possible if they need anything further from you. Please remember that neither the United States nor AC will request that you send in any funds or otherwise bill you any fees whatsoever nor is it necessary that you retain an attorney to participate in the remission process. The number is Analytics Consulting will be handling the administration of claims regarding EMG.

El numero es The claim process will begin shortly. Information about the claims administration process will be posted on a dedicated website BMC will establish in connection with the victim compensation program.

Details regarding the BMC website and remission process will be posted here as soon as they are available. Please remember that neither the United States nor BMC will request that you send in any funds or otherwise bill you for any fees whatsoever nor is it necessary that you retain an attorney to participate in the remission process. El proceso de reclamacion comienca en breve.

Informacion sobre el proceso de administracion de las reclamaciones va a ser publicado en una pagina del web dedicada a BMC estableciendo en relacion con el programa de compensacion a las victimas. Los detalles relativos a la pagina del web y el proceso de remision se publicaran aqui tan pronto esten disponibles.

Por favor, recuerde que ni los Estados Unidos ni BMC solicitaran que envie en cualquier fondo o de otra manera se factura por los costos de ningun tipo ni tampoco es necesario que conserve un abogado para participar en el proceso de remision. While you can be represented by an attorney regarding remission, it is not a requirement. A determination about your possible entitlement to restitution through the remission process is not based upon whether you have retained an attorney or not.

In other words, it is not necessary for you to hire an attorney to participate in the remission process. If you are represented by an attorney, however, you must still comply with all the requirements including providing documentation to support your claimed investment with EMG. In addition, the United States does not charge any fees whatsoever including through third parties to any individual, regardless of citizenship, for application to and participation in the remission process.

Mientras usted puede ser representado por un abogado sobre la remision, no es un requisito. En otras palabras, no es necesario que usted contrate a un abogado para que participe en el proceso de remision. Ademas, los Estados Unidos no le cobra honorarios por tipo incluso a traves de terceros a cualquier persona, independientemente de su nacionalidad, para la aplicacion y la participacion en el proceso de remision.

The United States Department of Justice will distribute these funds to eligible victims of the fraud through a process called "Remission. Remission occurs when forfeited assets are returned to the victims of the crime underlying the forfeiture. The United States Department of Justice is in the process of hiring a remission administrator who will oversee the remission process. In order to be eligible to receive remission, a victim must submit a Petition Form to the remission administrator.

The remission administrator will be sending the Petition Form to each of the known victims of the fraud at a later date. Accordingly, it is very important that we have updated contact information address, e-mail address and telephone number for each victim. ORLVW usdoj. Washington Street, Suite The more documents you provide, the easier it will be to verify your claimed loss.

If you have already completed and returned a Victim Information Sheet, DO NOT submit a second one, but please make sure that your name is clearly identified on each page of any documents you provide. Without such documentation, the United States may not be able to verify the amount of your investment. As noted above, such documents may include cancelled checks, wire transfer receipts, certifications, and other related financial documentation.

The more information that is provided, the easier it will be to verify your claim of investment. As noted below, while you can be represented by an attorney regarding restitution, it is not a requirement. If a determination is made that you are entitled to restitution, it will be ordered by the Court, and is not based upon whether you have retained an attorney or not. The United States government does not charge crime victims fees of any kind. Specifically, the United States government does not charge for any work that the government performs related to its criminal prosecution, including for collection of restitution.

If you are contacted by any person, business, or other organization claiming to be a representative of the United States government, the United States Attorney's Office, any prosecutor, investigator, or other person or entity involved in the prosecution pending in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, do not provide that person s with any money or information and contact us immediately at our e-mail address: USAFLM.

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In the election, several states had changes in their number of electoral votes. New York and Ohio each lost two electoral votes. Obama received 65,, popular votes and Romney received 60,, Gary Johnson, who ran for the Libertarian party, won 1,, popular votes. Gary Johnson did not receive any electoral votes. On January 20, , Barack Obama was re-inaugurated for his second term as president. World Population Review. Hover over Click on a tile for details. Barack Obama Mitt Romney State Democrat Republican Win Alabama Solend governance token-holders who participated voted yea with Please note that our privacy policy , terms of use , cookies , and do not sell my personal information has been updated.

The leader in news and information on cryptocurrency, digital assets and the future of money, CoinDesk is a media outlet that strives for the highest journalistic standards and abides by a strict set of editorial policies. CoinDesk is an independent operating subsidiary of Digital Currency Group , which invests in cryptocurrencies and blockchain startups. As part of their compensation, certain CoinDesk employees, including editorial employees, may receive exposure to DCG equity in the form of stock appreciation rights , which vest over a multi-year period.

CoinDesk journalists are not allowed to purchase stock outright in DCG. The price of bitcoin bounced Solend users voted to "grant emergency power to Solend Labs to temporarily take over the whale's account. Follow realDannyNelson on Twitter. The proposal asked token holders to yea or nay the following:.

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MapleStory Election 2012 - The Electoral College


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At midday local time, the official number of those who had voted was declared as Some analysts have suggested up to a third of voters could shun the ballot , the highest number in 20 years. Macron voted near his home in the northern French seaside town of Le Touquet. The president and his wife Brigitte left their home shortly after midday and greeted the crowds waiting outside in the sunshine. Several youngsters posed for selfies with the Macrons, who spent more than ten minutes shaking hands with those in the crowd and kissing babies.

Among the first to turn out to vote was the former conservative president Nicolas Sarkozy, followed shortly afterwards by the Socialist candidate, Anne Hidalgo, who was the first candidate to cast her ballot, at about 8. Hollande, who led France between and , was accompanied by his partner, the actor Julie Gayet. Fabien Roussel, the presidential candidate for the Communist party, voted in the north of France. Le Pen, who is favourite to be in the second round vote, was greeted by a crowd outside and posed for photographs before voting.

Another of the 12 candidates, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan of the rightwing Debout la France Stand Up France party, also on his third presidential campaign, voted in the Essonne department, south of Paris. About In French Polynesia the number of voters who had turned out was estimated at The main issues in this election have been the cost of living with voters angry about rising fuel and food prices, caused mainly by the war in Ukraine.

Immigration has been pushed as a major concern by the far-right Le Pen and her rival on that side of politics, the former journalist and television pundit Zemmour who has seen his support collapse in recent weeks. During the campaign, it was clear American voters were looking at two significantly different visions for the future of the United States.

Mitt Romney proposed tax cuts and boosting economic growth by implementing regulations that would reduce the burden on small businesses. Romney preferred laissez-faire policies and wanted to achieve energy independence by developing domestic sources of energy. On the other hand, Obama defended his responses to the Great Recession. He also focused on his plan for strategic investments in clean energy, education, and infrastructure.

On November 6, , the American people cast their ballots for their new president. In the election, several states had changes in their number of electoral votes. New York and Ohio each lost two electoral votes. Obama received 65,, popular votes and Romney received 60,, Gary Johnson, who ran for the Libertarian party, won 1,, popular votes.

Gary Johnson did not receive any electoral votes.

Finanzas forex devolucion 2012 electoral votes forex indicators pin bar

MapleStory Election 2012 - The Electoral College

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